With a title like this, male veiwers invariably find themselves hoping the heroine will be a gorgeous blond.

Your in luck, fellas -- Miss Vera Day fits the bill perfectly. If you like what you see, she also has a small part in "Enemy from Space".


This British sci-fi/horror is quirky enough to be amusing, so don't dismiss it entirely because of it's bad reviews. The story involves the obligatory mad doctor (George Coulouris) who acquires a carnivorous, tentacled, Amazonian plant which prefers an exclusive diet of le femme' fatale.

The doctor kidnaps young ladies of questionable virtue and shoves them into the groping tentacles of the killer vegetable. His reward for this wasteful behavior is a serum he extracts from the plant which enables him to revive the dead.

Director Charles Saunders knew he was just cranking out a Saturday Matinee monster movie, so he didn't make it morbid or depressing. Besides, who could take it seriously with a title like this?

And if you doubt that the special effects men were having fun on the set, just keep your eyes on those tentacles when the plant grapples with those lovely, squirming victims!

This is a rare case in which the poster shows something outrageous -- and the movie lives up to it!



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