I'm surprised to see that we apparently don't have a thread here for this author. Wikipedia says "David Gerrold (born January 24, 1944) is an American science fiction screenwriter and novelist known for his script for the popular original Star Trek episode "The Trouble With Tribbles", for creating the Sleestak race on the TV series Land of the Lost, and for his novelette "The Martian Child", which won both Hugo and Nebula awards, and was adapted into a 2007 film starring John Cusack.

So, let's kick off with his 1973 time travel novel:


That's a scan of the cover of my copy - "First time in paperback" I see. Back in the seventies, 160 pages was still considered a decent length for a novel. Let's investigate what the back cover has to say:

When you begin this adventure get ready to go through a lot of weird changes

Like to take a trip through time? It would be a great kick, not to mention the loot to be made when you returned. That's what Don thought when he inherited the timebelt from his uncle. What happened - to human history and personal identity, to sex and to sanity - was something else, and more than enough to make this our nomination for the most spellbinding, mind-jolting science fiction novel of the year. As noted S-F author Barry Malzberg writes, "Staggering and terrifying, the most stunning I've ever read in the field... bound to be influential... I read it through in one night and it knocked me out."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: California-based DAVID GERROLD is one of the brightest stars of the new S-F generation. Runner-up for the Nebula Award and twice runner-up for the Hugo Award, he has achieved his greatest triumph yet with THE MAN WHO FOLDED HIMSELF.

The book's dedication is "This book is for Larry Niven, a good friend who believes that time travel is impossible. He's probably right."