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With over half of your community's traffic coming from mobile, Tapatalk Mobile App lifts your community's engagement on mobile. Tapatalk Mobile App layers on top of your existing community software to provide a seamless mobile experience for your members. The solution works on almost all major community software systems and your members can access your community on the Tapatalk Mobile App. It's free to both you and your members.

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App Advantages


Instantly enable mobile app notifications for all types of events and activities from your community. Your members receive mobile alerts when someone likes their posts, or when a new update is available in one of their subscribed forums or discussions


Your members can easily share photos on-the-go with Tapatalk mobile app and post directly to your forum either as hot-linked images or attachments. Tapatalk also supports Google Drive and iCloud Drive to let you upload other files such as PDF, etc.


Turbocharge your private messaging system on mobile to instantly exchange messages with other community members. Tapatalk supports both legacy PM style as well as the newer, more modern conversational PM systems from new community software.


Change the look and feel of your community with different color combinations, and personalize with your own community logo and cover photo. Your customization is synced across platforms so your community will look great on mobile.


Smartphone is not designed for flipping pages and pages of threads and posts - Tapatalk works with all legacy forum software but also supports loading pages and pages of posts automatically, Just like how you use any other great mobile app.


Smartphone is designed for messaging your friends and fellows. Tapatalk Mobile App makes it super easy for you and your members to Like and Share posts, and Quick Reply bar works just like SMS Messaging so you can reply to the thread instantly.


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